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Knitting Socks

I have always been told that tube socks are uncomfortable. Socks should grip the heel, shouldn’t rotate or walk down in shoes, there should be no seam on the top to rub on the top of toes, they should cushion skinny foot, protect wide feet. Wool is warm even when wet; cotton breathes and keeps feet cozy. So socks have to be the right size and the right shape.

And now for the knitter.

I am afraid that it is more comfortable to knit socks with 4 or 5 needles. This doesn’t make it more complicated but it does make it more comfortable for the knitter. The ribbing must not be too taught. Otherwise the socks will never be worn. The ribbing mustn’t be too lax because otherwise the sock falls down the leg. Again the sock won’t be worn. Without the multiple needles, you will end up sewing the back of the sock. This is fine if your sewing is perfect but if there is the least lump, the sock will be uncomfortable and the sock never worn. So beware, the traditional way of knitting the sock with a circular system is best. Now you can try a unique needle with a nylon line joining both ends, but let you be warned, the length you choose is very important.

Here are a few websites you may want to look at: