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What we do

Socks are funny clothes. They start off paired up. They are placed over our feet and they are still in pairs! We take them off: one ends up in the dirty washing basket, the other under the bed. From then on, there is risk of becoming a lonely sock.

We are collecting lonely socks, we shall pair them up and will give them to a charity in East Vancouver and Big Brothers for the small sizes. You can already go to the galleries to see the lonely socks we have waiting for their buddy sock.

Note: since we are a start up concern, we haven’t actually given any away yet but we shall keep our readers informed by letters and photographs.

We don’t want holed socks so you will find on this site the way to darn them. If they have no elastic or if they are too torn to wear, then we suggest you making puppets and put shows on. Send us photographs so that we can promote what you are getting up to on your side of the world. Get creative and please do not throw socks away in the garbage any more.

We are hoping that our readers will have many more ideas and will write to us very often. The site will develop according to demand.

So keep in touch, we are looking forward to our Internet relationship.